Sea buckthorn juice with ecological honey

Sea buckthorn with honey has an energetic effect, increases resistance to physical and intellectual effort, it is anti-influenza, immune system enhancer, anticancer.

Sea buckthorn fruits have the following chemical composition: linoleic acid, linolic acid, arucic, carotenoid, lycopene, tocopherol, sugars, pectins, essential fatty acids, folic acid and isoramnetol, flavonoids, tanning substances, mineral substances such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium , potassium, sodium, etc. Vitamins: A, B (the entire range of B vitamins that has been discovered up to this date), C, D, E, F, PP, amino acids, etc. We can say that it is actually the most complex natural polyvitamin.

Sea buckthorn juice can be associated with grape juice, raspberry juice, blueberry juice, apple juice , orange juice, lemon juice, carrot juice, cabbage juice, even 2-3-4 associated with each other. It can also be associated with black coffee, shrinking its base.

Low immunity, infection susceptibility - a sea buckthorn juice cure, from which 3 tablespoons shall be swallowed, four times a day, diluted with a little water or apple juice.

This juice has powerful remineralizing and vitaminizing effects, helping the body to fight the disease. Moreover, the sea buckthorn fruit has antibiotic properties, directly fighting bacterial infections.

Adjuvant for influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia - Take 6 tablespoons of sea buckthorn syrup daily on empty stomach with a little water. It is a fast-acting immune stimulant, increases the body's resistance to fever, hurries the healing. Rachitic, dystrophic, very susceptible to diseases children - 6 teaspoons of honey and sea buckthorn juice each day. It has remineralizing and vitaminizable effects.

Depression, anxiety - a cure with sea buckthorn juice. This preparation is rich among other things in serotonin - a neurotransmitter that induces a state of calm, courage and optimism.

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