Sea buckthorn powder

Sea buckthorn powder is recommended in avitaminosis, anemia, depression, detoxification cures, asthenia, stress and for strengthening the immune system. It is an excellent tonifier, it increases resistance to intellectual and physical effort. It energizes the body, helps the cells in the process of rejuvenation and regeneration. Due to the high concentration of vitamin C, sea buckthorn fights cold and flu. It is indicated in the treatment of digestive tract diseases, having an internal regenerative effect. It is a very good neurotransmitter stimulant, brain tonic and stress-fighting. Sea buckthorn helps treating ophthalmic, coronary heart disease in hypertension, neuro-endocrinological, circulatory and liver disorders.

Cosmetics: The sea buckthorn powder is excellent in the preparation of vitaminizing and regenerating masks for the skin.

Suggestions for consumption: The sea buckthorn powder can be given in cures to treat various conditions. You can consume a teaspoon of powder, as it is, three times a day before eating. The powder is kept under the tongue 10 minutes before being swallowed. It can also be added in food: yogurt, cereals, smoothie, fruit salads, milk, sweets. It also keeps your body away from flu and cold.

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