Dried sea buckthorn

The sea buckthorn fruits are also called Romanian ginseng because of their excellent nutritional properties. They provide important amounts of vitamins and minerals, making them ideal for strengthening and maintaining optimal health.

They can be mixed in smoothies, muesli, yoghurt, fruit or vegetable juice; you can make delicious fruity tea or eat it as it is.

The sea buckthorn is one of the plants with the highest content of vitamins F and E (vitamin E being also called vitamin of youth), as it is involved in the most important processes of regeneration in the body. Besides vitamin E, the sea buckthorn is very rich in vitamin A, C, PP, to which is added the whole vitamin B complex.

Delicious flavored teas are made of dried sea buckthorn fruits that are used in avitaminosis. Sea buckthorne tea is recommended for treating liver, spleen and kidney disease, diarrhea, rheumatism, in some skin diseases, urticaria: 2 teaspoons of crushed or ground fruits should be placed in 250 ml of water and shall be boiled for 15 minutes. Then you can decant it. You can drink 3 cups per day.

Being a general tonifier, it has strong antiscorbutic action, is astringent and vermifuge. It heals the liver cell and cure it of many affections. It destroys infections or reduce them in the worst case. It makes the pathogen microbes multiplication impossible. It tonifies the entire body, eliminates or limits the inflammatory process, facilitates scarring. It is also a diuretic contributing to the body's cleansing of toxins. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from cancer because it makes chemotherapy more acceptable and even the fight with the disease. Fruits can be used both internally and externally.

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